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trying the bean soup (bisara) at one of the local markets in Fes Medina

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Overview and Highlights

Enjoy traditional Moroccan street food with a tour into the bustling medina of Fes with your experienced, English speaking culinary expert from Fes Desert Trips

Enjoy traditional Moroccan street food.

A tour around Fes market to try local products.


  • Tour of the Local Souks/ Markets.
  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation.
  • Local product for your tasting tour.

Importante Informantion :

  • Pick up : Flexible.
  • Duration : 3 hours.

Fes Tasting Tour Itinerary

Your Fes Tasting Tour starts with a pick up from your accommodation (the time is fexible but the souks need to be open) , twisting your way though the beautiful narrow alley ways and the sense sensation of the souks, we'll visit three different places to tickle your taste buds, where you'll get the opportunity to try delicious Fassi food such as Harcha (semolina bread), Meloui (pancakes), Briwats (triangles of sweet pastry; sweet or savoury), herby mashed potato cakes, dried meats, tasty harira soup, fresh olives - the list of local delicacies is almost endless!

You'll visit the honey souk where you'll be amazed at the variety of sweet wild honey, the different flavours and health benefits of each one will be discussed and you can discover the history of honey in Islamic culture and the reasons for its importance in Moroccan cuisine. You will get to taste each one of them.

Then you shall get to visit a furnatchi, which heats the water for the hammams (public baths) and a four century old furan which is the communal oven and bakery for the neighborhood.

Explore the aromatic world of spices, discover their secrets and find out the reality of the male-dominated tea den all under the auspices of our well versed culinary master and teller of ancient tales.

You may decide up to you to be taught how to bake Moroccan bread  during your tasting tour. Making the bread from start to finish and then take your wonderful smelling bread to the honey souk where you can dipit in eight different honeys, aged butter or khilli, a type of lamb or beef jerky.

Whatever you choose, you will not forget the tasting day trip experience with Fes Desert Trips!

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Easy & Smooth Planning

4 Steps to plan your Fes Day Trip :

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  2. Our local experts tailor the itinerary that’s right for you;
  3. We keep working with you to perfect your itinerary;
  4. You easily book through our Morocco office.


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