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The SAHARA : Sand, Sun, and Stars with Fes Desert Trips

A camel trek into the shifting sands of the seemingly endless dunes of the Sahara desert is an essential part of any Moroccan visit, so let the experts from Fes Desert Trips be your guides for this unmissable adventure.

Experience the shadows cast by the mighty dunes, up to 50 meters high, of the Erg Chebbi, lengthening and shortening as the day progresses, the only sound the soft, steady footsteps of your camel over the ever shifting sands, the ski seems enormous, clear and bluer than blue during the day and, at night, the moon seems a huge silver disc and the myriad stars are so bright and seem so near that you feel you could almost reach out and touch them. By camel you travel to stay for the night in a desert Bedouin tent in a tranquil oasis, where the guides will cook you a delicious, spicy tagine. Climb the dunes, listen to the relaxing strains of the local Berber music, chill out and enjoy a refreshing glass of hot, sweet, mint tea.

Fes Desert Trips are happy to arrange your excursion to suit. Your desert adventure can be as a part of a general tour of Morocco or southern Morocco to include the Atlas Mountains, the villages, towns and cities, or as a part of a two or three day trip of its own. Choose a set itinerary or design your own trip, Fes Desert Trips is always happy to help.


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