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Practical informations

Don't get scammed and ripped off

Beware of false guides in the Medina, at the stations (especially train station) and even in some restaurants, they will try to convince you to go to a different hotel or sell you an illegal service that may result in you getting in trouble with the Police.

Usually they are conmen, and their only objective is to rip you off, telling many lies in order to gain your trust. (In general people who come to talk to you always want something so it's better to ignore them by saying "LA SHUKRANE" means "NO THANK YOU", it might seem rude but it's the right way to get rid of them and enjoy the city).

Below you'll find some of the lies used on tourists to try convince them to take these illegal tours:

Take you on a Medina tour for free or for a cheap price but in fact it's a shopping tour where they will push you to buy things in order to boost the commission they get from the store owners.
Pretend that they own agencies and excursion websites (like the desert and Middle Atlas trip) and attempting to "organize" a trip for you.
Pretend that they study in the American center and all their sole interest is to practice English with you by taking you on a Medina tour but in fact they will push you to buy some expensive items to get themselves a high rate of commission.
Pretend that they are from Australia, USA, New Zealand, Spain etc... and have come to Fes to buy handicraft and sell them back in their respective countries for double or even triple price they paid, attempting to advise you to do the same in order to finance your studies/travels but in fact all they want is to use you to make a quick buck.

Many stories happened and we don't want it reproduce with you, Fes Desert Trips is at your service to help you to organize excursions and tours yourself official agencies and Guides.